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the times they are a changing [1Apr2008|3:58am]
i haven't been on here in a reallylong time and i was just reading some old friend posts. ahh simpler times. what happened to evryone?

wow, david has aids [19Feb2007|3:58pm]
well that sucks.

trogdor [5Jan2007|10:41am]
guitar hero has homestarrunner.com's trogdor song on it. that kicks ass

i want to open a tattoo shop [24Dec2006|3:41pm]
life sucks as always. my calling in life is to open a tattoo shop and live in debauchery forever. happy birthday you dead peace loving hippie fuck
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duck.....duck.....what the fuck? [7Oct2006|5:22pm]
pregnant pregnant pregnant. i'm glad i'm not pregnant. i wanna work at the post office. my feet hurt. goats are smelly. and i want to kill everyone with a pickaxe

happy birthday david
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fuck yeah no ambition [11Aug2006|9:20am]
i have no purpose in life
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fuck bone marrow [27Jul2006|4:28pm]
spent all day at the hospital yesterday. dislocated shoulder and a broken shoulder. out of comition for awhile. got some new tats on my neck. hell yeah. i feel like shit.
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it's wet. i'm cold. i have a dog. i watch soccer. i have pink hair. i'm going to die.
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brent will be here today.
i'm going to die of gastrointestinal pressure

broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke [11Jun2006|4:47pm]
being poor is nifty. in a way. witing for a call from the brinson. 912-674-7860. want some one to hang out with and flip this town around with. buzzcocks are coming to town june 29th. wow i'm lazy. i need a drink
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i'm so nihilistic i don't believe in nihilism [6Jun2006|4:29pm]
things keep moving forward. ashley seems to be making good money now. i might have a job soon. does it matter? not at all. i keep slipping more and more into the pit of uncaringness and i could care less. that's what happens when you hit the goal you've struggled for so long to reach (enlightenment). when you reach it, you realize that it never even mattered.
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you can live with me [2Jun2006|10:33pm]
guess who might be starting a tattoo aprenticeship.


got my duncan memorial tattoo finished yesterday. it looks pimp as fuck. brent, i love you
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There's just one thing I have to know [24May2006|2:16pm]
Brent, are you still down when we're 64?

Cause I know I am
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I have been thinking alot about things lately and i have started to revert back to my buddhist beliefs. i don't know why but this sums up my viewpoint.

Take each day for what it is,
Neither good nor bad,
For neither outcome has any meaning.
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i am the happiest boy ever [13May2006|9:40pm]
i found my real mom
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[ mood | Still awake ]

Held like water in your shaking hands
Are all the defeats the day demands
10 to 6 or 9 to 5
Trying dying to survive
Never knowing what survival means

Leave the apartment to buy alcohol
An art diploma's on the bathroom wall
Pick at the plaster chipped away
Survey some stunning tooth decay
And list the cat in the

Stay a bad day down here dear
Make believe we're strong
I wrote some protest song
But maybe we shall overcome someday
Overcome the stupid things we say

Say i needed more than this
Say i needed one more kiss
You left that light on

Let's plant a bomb at city hall
Let's kill an MLA
Talk the night away
You'll call in sick
I'll quit the word games that i play
Swear i weigh more than half
Believe it

Somewhere love and justice shine
Cynicsm falls asleep
Tyrrany talks to itself
Sappy slogans all come true
We forget to feed our fear

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you can call me dirty, and then lift up yo skirt [6May2006|4:14pm]
[ mood | out and down and kicked around ]

can anybody tell me why god wont speak to me?
why jesus never called on me to part the fucking seas?

fading health

theses are my co-conspirators
something needs to happen
one giant change for the world
i think i'll become a suicide bomber and take out congress

oh yeah, i got the best of ODB
Wu-Tang 4 life

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i'm in camden bitches. cell equals 912+674+7860. fuck you
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my penis has lice [24Apr2006|7:04pm]
[ mood | penis envy ]

my granddad is going to die. YAY! i dunno. i want a kiss from brent for halloween. thats it. beans beans the magical fruit.....

3 N

[ mood | crappy ]

thats it. i'm dead

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HOLY SHIT FUCK [23Feb2006|5:33pm]
jesus fucking christ i have to stop hanging out with beelzebub all the time

Anyone out there remember travis condor? stupid little skin wanna be motherfucker? yeah, well, i'm pretty sure i saw him the other night and he's gone all bonehead. fuck that shit. now that i've seen a few shit eaters roaming around up here, i think a few people need to come up and help pay these fuckers a visit. brent, this means you fag

guess who gets to go see the toasters tonight? [8Feb2006|3:45pm]
me, thats who. why the fuck didn't anyone else come up for the show? tickets are cheap as fuck. oh yeah, someone tell brent and bastard if they see them that i found a record store that has a nice sized collection of the selector, the madness, lee perry, and amny other ska/reggea artist. i almost shit my pants. oh yeah, there's a store up here that sells homestarrunner stuff. they have the kick the cheat doll. i peed myself
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